About Me


my journey began...

when I was in corporate finance and marketing feeling unfulfilled at my J-O-.B I had already begun to focus primarily on my own personal development a few years prior.

I was teaching mindfulness and meditation on the side and at the end of my corporate career I had a chronic mystery illness which pushed me into Holistic Health where I received a Masters Certification in Intuition MedicineⓇ and was able to heal myself.

I saw how many people were suffering and in desperate need of this help so I went into entrepreneurship and coaching full time; what a journey it has been! Entrepreneurship is like personal development on rocket fuel…

After doing countless business coaching programs, spending thousands of dollars and still not getting the traction I wanted in my business, I realized no one was effectively training us how to turn our passion into Actual profit. 

So, I decided to figure things out myself once and for all!

Through some trial and error I ended up creating a messaging framework where I began to get leads and results right away on social media for the first time...And it was easier and more FUN than anything else I've done to build my business!

Then I saw it…the difference that makes the difference...

The most successful coaches and practitioners have learned to intentionally leverage them-self and their expertise on social  for their business without giving away all the goods. 

I’m noticing way too many well intended Health, Wellness, Mindset, Empowerment, Confidence, Life Coaches etc... pouring their hearts out on social, sharing their products / offerings again and again or constantly putting out their most valuable content on social for free without much to show for it. 

That wisdom, knowledge, expertise and information is what we should be getting PAID for!

So, that’s why I decided to create a program Specifically forHeart Centered Entrepreneurs to monetize their Social Media and Message to authentically attract and land their first clients online and use it as a leveraged tool for their business through true connection with their audience.