Camille Avis
Camille Avis
Masters Certification in Energy Medicine®



What is Mindfulness anyways? Fundamental Definition of Mindfulness: Purposefully being aware in the present moment non-judgmentally.


I work with individuals and professionals looking to transform their lives and/or workspace by teaching them the tools of mindfulness and meditation.


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Live in the No-Where you come from even though you have an address here.
— Rumi
  • To choose how you want to live your life.
  • Stop conditioned thinking & Respond rather than react.
  • Get to know one-self.
  • Have more self-compassion & self love.
  • Find sanctuary and stability within.
  • Notice the space between yourself and thoughts/emotions.
  • Find you own truth through your direct experience.
  • Develop more emotional intelligence.
  • See things clearly as they are.
  • Give yourself time to process.
  • Learn to Ground ⇣.
  • Connect with your inner guidance, wisdom and intuition.
  • Start a Gratitude Practice.
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